May 21, 2016

Wake up for sunrise

Such a tranquil time to start the day 


Get Underwater

We found turtles within 20mins of snorkelling just off the east side of Gili Air 


Learn the language

 A little goes a long way: "Thank you very much: Matur Suksma"


Find your inner yogi 

 From Fly-High to SUP yoga, there isn’t a more beautiful place to practice 


Meet the locals

 A jamming session with ‘The Lost Boys’ at TaMi’s NeverLanD on Gili Air


Become a boarder 

 Whether paddleboarding into the sunset or catching a wave surfing


Pack light

 Whatever you think you’ll need halve it - you’ll be living in beachwear


Take the un-touristy route 

Naturally inquisitive travellers but Sophie always encouraged me to explore that little bit further. We found this oasis in the jungle on the outskirts of Ubud 


Learn to love Bintang


Lots of the local Warungs only serve bintang, but if like me you’d rather have a cocktail - Bintang Radler (Bintang with lemon) will be your saviour


Explore the Islands

 Nusa Lembongan and the Gili Islands have that laid back island vibe, paired with truly stunning beaches, plenty of watersports, delicious healthy local food - this is where I'd spend most of my time


See every sunset


Well try to, they are spectacular!




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