March 13, 2017

I’ve always been a runner and felt lucky to enjoy running as I know so many people don’t or find it tough to get into. This was my way to switch off, plug into a podcast (Defected in the House…always my go to or Annie Mac’s Mini mix) however when I tried my first spin class, I think I found my new cardio obsession!


The rush off adrenalin and endorphins (and if you are lucky an incredibly inspiring instructor… see below) combined with a sweet sound track got me hooked. Turning a training session into a total body burner combined with therapy session! So over the past two years I’ve tried a range of studios across the city to find the perfect spot to spin. Class Pass is an awesome way to experience a range of studios yet some of my favourites you'll need to branch out and pay a little more for. 







Only good vibes! Incredible inspiration and a tough workout (well if you crank up that resistance) is what you'll get. Promising to be the total body workout on a bike, you'll always have an arms track with weights which is great for toning. Don't be afraid to pick up a heavier set to challenge yourself.  People have been overheard talking about the 'pscyle-high' in changing rooms. 


Kaya’s classes are insane, her beats, belief in you and a banging soundtrack are the best money I've spent on exercise! I also recently went to A.D.’s class - his energy is infectious and dance moves make you feel like any night is a Saturday!





Lux changing rooms, central location and a cool crew of instructors. This central spin spot is ideally situated for workers in the week or a weekend treat in Covent Garden. Go cray cray with Rey Rey! A top notch instructor with charisma, charm and a complete devotion to only pumping tunes. What a total babe! 





Groove Cycle, a fusion of spin and dance, made possible with serious swaying, grooving and free styling. Definitely a more light hearted approach and keeping your mind on the moves distracts from the fact you're really feeling the burn. Recently partnered with existing gyms in Soho and London Bridge, together with its residency at Third Space in Canary Wharf - the largest spin studio in Europe.





Super stylised changing rooms with heated benches show the dedication from this uber cool boutique brand. I found the trainers didn’t really live up to all the hype but it is certainly a trendy spot worth a shot.  



THE VIBE: Boom Cycle




A candlelight class is an awesome way to unwind at the end of a long working day. The Shoreditch studio which I visited seemed rather cramped in the changing room, yet I was encouraged to visit the flagship London studio in Holborn, so I encourage you to do the same. 







Best for a friendly welcome! Best's Bootcamp. Welcoming atmosphere and nicely situated in between Embankment and Charing Cross. Be prepared however to get hot and steamy. I'm not sure what the deal is with the AC but you have been warned as I was too!


INTERVAL TRAINING: The Pack @ Virgin Active 




This class will make you feel like you are in a type of gameshow, three groups in the room compete in different games combining speed, resistance and control throughout the class. I’m known for being slightly competitive so a little frustrating for my group is on a loosing streak. However great for a solid tough cardio workout for interval / hill training. 


Still to try: Core Collective, Ride Republic... any other recommendations?





  • Book a spot in the centre back, so you can see what is going on but not feel self conscious

  • Take water - you'll get hot and sweaty

  • Go at your own pace, learn the moves and put a bit more power into the next session

  • Give it at least three classes until you make a judgement, you need to give yourself time to know what it feels like on a bike

  • Experience different instructors, they will have different vibes and soundtracks, find what works for you

  • ENJOY 


Hope to see you tapping back in to some serious tunes in a class soon xx


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