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A city that is close to both Twins' hearts as we lived here together for six months on our gap year, working in various jobs saving up for travelling and trialling the pubs, bars and clubs as we went.

Now , Bath is a quick escape from London and an ideal weekend getaway. If you've never been Bath before it is a beautiful city, filled with stunning architecture, character and charm. Not only are there lots of restaurants, tea shops and bars (pubs and clubs) it is also a great place to keep fit.

Here's our healthy city guide to Bath:

National Trust Skyline Walk - Run:

Wherever you stay in Bath you're guaranteed to be up or down a hill, so great for some resistance training. One of the most scenic routes for a brisk walk or fun run is the Skyline Walk. A six mile route that takes you out of the city and into the countryside in under 10 mins, offering breathtaking views of the World Heritage City. Depending on the time of year it may be muddy but prepare to enjoy styles, wildlife and a very pleasant escape from city life.

Warleigh Weir - Wild Swim:

Or otherwise known as Claverton Weir, a stunning spot for a wild swim or to relax in a deep field for some sunbathing, only 10 mins outside of Bath. Walk through the meadow and you'll reach an opening where you can wade across the rocks and be met by an 100m approx natural weir, expect algae and a slight sense of adventure as most people stay and splash about the opening. Definitely not my mother - featured below! Spend the rest of the day exploring the Kennet and Avon Canal, either by foot or you can rent bikes.

Tour of the Town - Walk:

Take in the beautiful buildings and architecture of the city in a self-guided tour. As it is a relatively small city, you can conquer a lot of ground. Heading from the station, I'd recommend walking up town, past the Roman Baths and Abbey to tick off the sights, the Thermae Bath Spa is on your left, a great stop off for some relaxation. Then venture right to the top of Milsom Street, if you have time Instant Vintage is a great stop for the girls. Head on round the Circus, you can pop in for a cup of tea at The Circus Restaurant (where I waitresed on the gap year)! Along the Royal Crescent for a photo/selfie stop,then it is probably time for a cheeky drink at the Marlborough Tavern before wondering back into town through Victoria Park and Royal Park. You can then either retire for some city life or continue exploring towards Bathwick, Widecombe or towards Landsdown Hill.

Kennet & Avon Canal - Ride:

Take a ride on the bustling canal, either hire a boat or bike to explore the old towpaths that run alongside the canal. Bath Narrowboats are located close to the centre of town and offer great advice and bikes at a good rate. Head south towards Bradford Upon Avon, you'll pass a couple of lovely pit stops include The George pub for a pint or half, Claverton Pumping station for a touch of history and the Dundas Aqueduct.

Landsdown Hill - Run:

A family tradition is to ensure we can make it up Landsdown Hill on Boxing Day, my dad's birthday. A great activity to try and attempt to keep on top of Christmas indulgence however a good challenge for any time of year. Depending on where you are staying in Bath you can pick another hill, you are spoilt for choice but this one is particularly challenging due to its steady and long incline that increases at halfway - you've reached the top when you pass the pub (with incredible views on the left) and hit the 40 road sign. Two Tunnels Greenway is another lovely pedestrian/cyclist spot to enjoy.

San Francisco Fudge Factory - Time for a Treat:

Surely after your excursions you deserve to sample some of Bath's sweetest delicacies. For me, nothing beats a sweet treat like San Fran Fudge Factory, you can thank me later... enjoy!


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