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This is the beach I grew up on as a child and now I’ve fallen in love with it all over again for so many different reasons. Growing up we had so much fun in the summer playing on the sand, clambering on the rocks and boating out to the reef (which seemed like an epic adventure at the time – it’s about 12m!). Now I'm a grown up, it still feels pretty awesome if you reach the reef after a winter swim because of the bracing cold! It's been so magical to rediscover this special bay and surrounding areas, exploring the Jurassic cliffs by foot and the sea by paddle board.

The views for trail running

If you head East on the SWCP it’s a challenging route with breath-taking scenery including spectacular white cliffs and secluded beaches. It’s well worth it, and if you’ve got the time you can venture all the way to Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove and beyond! White Nothe point for sunrise is also pretty spectacular spot if you start early, of course use a head torch and mind your footing at dusk.

An invigorating dip in a beautiful bay

At low-tide you can swim out to the reef, which for those of us who are pretty novice it can still feel like an awesome achievement. Made even better at sunrise or sunset.

A coastal walk

There are lots of different loops using the coastal path and surrounding footpaths from the Bay. A good starting point is to heading West on the SWCP, it’s a lovely yomp to Osmington Mills, where you’ll find a picturesque pebble beach and a pub, ‘The Smuggler’s Inn’, remember to book on a weekend! Again if you have more time continue along and head to Bowleaze Cove or even to Weymouth. (Or for a longer one - check out the trail running route above)

Getting on (or in) the water

On a calm day, the reef break makes it an ideal spot to paddle board. When it’s windy it’s a popular place for kite and wind surfers. In the winter there can also be some surf spots to the right or back of the reef.

Rock cakes

After a bracing stroll on the beach it’s time to refuel. And there’s nothing better than a sweet and spicy rock cake. They used to be on sale at the beach cafe but now you’ve got to make your own! I can recommend this recipe with extra ginger and all spice!

Ringstead Bay,

Always a magical place for me. x

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